Ecigarette Rights in the UK and Europe

This website is dedicated to defending vaping rights in the UK and Europe. Ecigarettes have become hugely popular not only as a great tasting alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but because of their potentially life saving effects.

Ecigarettes are immeasurably safer than normal cigarettes, and even the NHS has confirmed this and are moving towards actually prescribing them as a smoking cessation aid. Vaping has been proven to be the most effective tool to help smokers quit, far more effective than nicotine patches, nicotine gum and nicotine sprays, because it not only satisfies the addiction to nicotine, but it replicates the experience and sensation of smoking a cigarette through the flavoured vapour users inhale. This vapour is produced by eliquid which contains propylene gycol and vegetable glycerine, two ingredients which are completely safe and used in a range of both food products and medical applications.

These ingredients are added to nicotine concentrate as well as flavourings which enable users to choose both the strength of the vape they smoke and the flavour they want. Flavours come in a huge range, with everything from fudge and strawberry dessert flavours to tobacco flavours that replicate the taste and feel of real cigarettes.

Ecigarettes also come in a range of different styles, from small devices that resemble cigarettes to dedicated clearomizers such as the Aspire Nautilus (review here) which produce a better vape and even bigger sub-ohm machines such as the Innokin VTR V2 which is amongst the most advanced and high-tech ecigarettes available, producing huge amounts of vapour and flavour.

However, despite the growing vaping economy and the proven health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping, the EU is planning to put into place a number of new rules which will change vaping as we know it and may very well wipe it out altogether.

One of the biggest potential changes is the “leak free requirement”. At present most good ecigarettes have refillable tanks, which allow you to refill them with different eliquids when you run out. This means that there is always going to be the potential for them to leak, not just down to design flaws, but down to human error, too.

This means that all ecigarettes would need to be cartridge refill types, such as the cigalikes. These kind of ecigarettes are not only not of the same high quality as the more advanced ecigarettes, but they have been proven to be less effective in helping people quit smoking. Another big factor is that advanced re-fillable ecigarettes tend to be manufactured by innovative, small and independent businesses. On the other hand ciga-likes are overwhelming run by big tobacco companies. Who do you trust?

In the end, the EU agreed not to ban refillable devices, however, member states do have the option to ban them if they wish, which means that individual Western European countries, who make up a big part of the ecigarette market, could potentially see bans.

As well as this, there is a proposal to limit e-liquid bottle capacity to just 10ml. Most quality eliquid manufacturers ship and sell eliquid in 30 ml bottles, or more, as this cuts down packaging and shipping costs, making it cheaper for both sellers and buyers. To make matters worse, this proposal is based on scientific research carried out over 150 years ago which many people believe is incorrect.

As well as this, the maximum capacity of a clearomizer will be reduced to just 2ml, which means for sub-ohm vapers and heavy vapers, they’ll be refilling constantly!

The new proposals also want to limit nicotine strength to just 2%. For many new vapers switching from smoking, they require stronger nicotine strengths to help them kick their smoking habit. 2.4% is the most popular strength for ex-smokers who are new to vaping, so cutting this out of the market would be a big hindrance to people looking to quit smoking.

The EU also want to introduce a specific tax for ecigs, which has been a point of conversation in the EU for many years. In fact, Italy want to introduce an 80% tax on vaping products! This would render them either too expensive for consumers or too expensive for sellers, all but wiping them out. We are at a crossroads where both the potential revenue generated for governments combined with pressure from big tobacco companies who seek to make ecigarettes less attractive so that more people continue to smoke will turn the tide.

This website is dedicated to vaping advocacy and making vapers aware of the changes and regulations which could change vaping for the worse. Vaping is without a doubt one of the biggest health changes of the decade and has the potential to save literally millions of lives a year from the fatal side effects of tobacco products. If we’re not careful big tobacco will be able to sway political favour against ecigarettes.

There are two fundamental things that every vaper needs to do to keep the future of vaping safe and sane! The first is to raise awareness of this sort of legislation, so that it can’t be slipped in without anyone noticing.

The second is to put pressure on your political representatives in the EU. Write letters for your MEPs as showing our politicians that we care and know about what they’re doing is fundamentally important.


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